Climate Partnership - Terms & Conditions


Trade Membership Terms and Conditions



WELCOME to the way that the Folkington’s Climate Partnership works for you.


  1. Becoming a member


  • Please register your business and site as a member. If you have more than one site, you can register each site as a member.


  • You can register online:
  1. Your business details and details of each site address you want to register.
  2. The Climate Partnership Wholesaler(s)* who you’d like to nominate to supply you.



  • Membership is FREE and will last 15 months from the date you register each site. After that it will automatically renew on every 12 month anniversary unless we write to you to cancel. Cancellation will only occur at the end of a quarter.


  1. What you’ll get once you’re a member


Point of sale

  • Once you’ve registered, you will receive a unique numbered membership card for each site that you’ve registered. You’ll also receive some point of sale for each site that tells your customers that you are now working with Folkington’s to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint.


Rebates on what you buy

  • At the end of every Quarter, you’ll get a rebate from us based on how much Folkington’s each of your sites buys from your nominated wholesaler in that Quarter. The rebate will be:


  1. 80p for every case of Folkington’s 250ml Garden cans
  2. 80p for every case of Folkington’s 150ml mixer cans
  3. £1.50 for every case of Folkington’s 200ml mixer bottles


  • If your site joins part way through a Quarter, your first rebate for the site will be at the end of the first complete quarter and will be backdated to the day the site becomes a member.


  • To qualify for the rebates each quarter, each site needs to:


  1. Stock, throughout each Quarter at least 4 varieties of Folkington’s 250ml and/or 1000ml glass bottled juices.
  2. Buy from your nominated wholesalers in each Quarter, a total of 65 cases of Folkington’s across the entire Folkington’s product portfolio.


  • If your site has, say, two nominated wholesalers, the purchases from both wholesalers will be added together to reach the 65


  • If each site doesn’t buy more than 65 cases in any one Quarter, it won’t qualify for the rebate for that Quarter.


Reducing the impact of your carbon footprint

  • Folkington’s will offset 5 Tonnes of each of your sites’ carbon emissions if the site buys a total of 300 cases of Folkington’s from its nominated Climate Partnership Wholesalers in any 4 or fewer consecutive Quarters.


  • We’ll send you confirmation of this each time we offset your emissions with a bespoke certificate to display at the site, to share what you’ve achieved with your customers.


  1. Help
    • If you need help completing your application form, just pick up the phone to Folkington’s (01323 485602) or send an email.




The smaller print



Register: You may register more than one site if it’s owned or operated by the same person, partnership or company.


Closing:    If you close a site, it ceases trading or you or the site enters into any form of insolvency proceedings, the site’s membership will automatically cease, and you won’t receive any further benefits from membership.


Selling:     If you sell or transfer the business or the operation of the business of the site to another person, partnership or company, you can ask us to continue your membership under the new owner/ operator, but they will have to re-register their membership in their name. Any quarterly benefits of your membership will automatically pass to the new owner/ operator, including any rebates accrued in the Quarter.


Starting:   Membership starts from the day we register your application. If we decide to terminate the Folkington’s Climate Partnership we will let you know in advance. It will not be terminated until the end of a Quarter and any rebates due to you for the Quarter will be paid.


Leaving:   You may close your or any site’s membership at any time. You just need to inform us when you want to, at


Quarters: A Quarter comprises January, February, March (Quarter 1), April, May, June (Quarter 2), July, August, September (Quarter 3), October, November, December (Quarter 4).



Joining:     The Quarter in which you join is your Joining Quarter. Your first rebate will be paid after the end of the Quarter following your Joining Quarter.


Starting:   Rebates will be calculated from the day your membership starts and will be based on your purchases after that date (your “qualifying purchases”). A qualifying purchase will be recorded by reference to the data supplied to us by your wholesalers. To calculate the rebate any credits or refunds issued by your wholesalers for Folkington’s will be deducted from the total of your qualifying purchases (“net qualifying purchases”).


Amount:  If we change the amount of rebate per case at any time, we will write to you at least three months before we do. And if your qualifying purchases of include any items bought under a discounted or free stock promotion from your wholesaler, we won’t also pay the rebate on these purchases. But they will still count towards your annual and quarterly targets.


Volumes: Your first target of 65 cases will cover your site’s net qualifying purchases in both your Joining Quarter and the following Quarter. For example, if your site buys 16 cases in your Joining Quarter and 50 cases in the next quarter your total cases will be 66 and you will qualify for the rebate at the end of the first full Quarter.


Value:       We will tell you how much rebate you have earned as soon as possible after the end of each Quarter, based on the information supplied to us by your wholesalers. We will aim to provide you with the information within 15 working days of our receiving the information.


Receipt:   You will receive your rebate either by a credit note issued by your nominated wholesaler(s) to your trading account or by a direct payment to your bank account by Folkington’s. VAT on your rebate will be added.


Carbon offset

Timing:     Once your qualifying purchases have reached 300 cases over 4 or fewer consecutive Quarters, we will offset your carbon within 50 days of the end of the latest of the consecutive Quarters.


Starting:   Your Joining Quarter and first Quarter will together be treated as being one Quarter when you start. So if your site joins in Quarter 1, it needs to buy 300 cases by the end of Quarter 1 the following year.


Success:   If your site gets to the 300 case target before the 4th consecutive Quarter, ie in the 3rd, the Carbon Offset will be made 50 days after the end of the 3rd Quarter.


More:       Once your site has qualified for its first 5 Tonnes of Carbon Offset, the 300 case target starts from the beginning of the next Quarter. For example, if the site reaches its 300 cases target in Quarter 3, its next 300 case target starts at the beginning of Quarter 4.







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