What people say

I had to let you good people know that I am ecstatic to discover that Folkingtons Pink Lemonade has quenched my thirst here in Filovskaya Ulitsa, Moscow. 

It was a real surprise and when I saw it I had to get a bottle. Now having sampled the lemonade I better rush back and join the queues to get the other bottles

Thanks for getting this great nectar over to Moscow; no need to smuggle any more

Customer Russia

Thank you for this product – I swear it was made on a different planet and sent down by the gods for people like me to dream about. I love it. I came across it on holiday in Leicester in a beautiful little place called the Dandelion Hideaway which stocks it. Unfortunately since coming home I haven’t been able to find it.

Smith & Bottle Pub - West London

I just love your juices and was wondering where I can buy for home use rather than having to sit in a cafe etc.

I am particularly fond of your Wild Elderflower – tis happiness in a bottle.

Customer UK

Thank you for creating such a lovely, fresh and natural product. 
I am in the painful process of writing my Masters dissertation, and I can say in all honesty that your fruit juices have carried me through many brain overheating moments. 

Keep up the good work, and hopefully you can export to France soon. 

Soline K
Customer UK

I came across your fabulous elderflower drink on a visit to a farm shop/garden-centre/cafe in Market Harborough.
I would love to purchase some more but I live in Loughborough and wonder if you have any retail outlets in this area.

Kay S
Customer UK

I bought your Pear drink when I visited the newly done-up Tate gallery and was most impressed.  Probably one of the most delicious drinks (non-alcoholic) I’ve had in ages.

Customer UK

Just had to say that I have found the perfect bottles of juice for picnics – and home of course – gorgeous flavours and the labels packed with lovely descriptive information.

Sue H
Customer UK

You have totally nailed it with your English garden tonic water. It’s definitely my favourite tonic water.

Customer UK

Your Lemon & Mint Presse is to die for. Utterly original and refreshing.

Customer UK

I can say you’ve solved a 3-4 year problem I’ve had with my wife not enjoying any other tonic waters. Thank you.

Ian D