Provenance & Sustainability

Provenance is the cornerstone of our sustainable approach. This helps us keep down our average food miles as we can source our fruit as near to our home market as possible. And in the community we can we try to work with local business, support local charities and also local arts.

All about Provenance..

Buy a good bottle of wine and you know the grape varieties and where they have grown. Likewise, a top chef will often know from where his ingredients originate, and sometimes the variety too. In both cases, quality and consistency is assured which is important to people who love or take an interest in good food and drink.
At Folkington’s we ensure the same principles are upheld. We ensure that our juices are made from particular varieties of fruit that we have carefully selected and come from the same growers year on year who, together with their workforce depend for their livelihoods, on the loyalty of their customers coming back each year and so helping them develop their businesses for the benefit of their communities.
This is a cornerstone of the sustainable aspect of our business and the Folkington’s brand. For more information, please click on the relevant fruit juice to find out more about the fruit varieties, their history and where they have been grown.