Our Fruits

Orange − Valencia “Late” variety

The Valencia Late variety originates from Portugal and the Azores Islands. In 1865 the variety was imported by an English nurseryman, Thomas Rivers and given the name Excelsior. In the following decade he sold trees to a number of growers in the USA including a Mr E. H. Hart in Florida (who renamed the variety Harts Tardiff) and a Mr A. B. Chapman in California who renamed it Valencia “Late” at the suggestion of a Spanish visitor who pronounced it similar to a late-maturing variety in the region of Valencia.


Tomato − Various

In Spain tomato growing represents the most traditional horticultural crop in the Ebro Valley’s irrigated land and is dominated by small traditional family farming businesses, providing much needed work for the elder generation. There are an estimated 3,500 tomato farmers in the Ebro Valley working over 5,100 hectares and harvesting mostly by hand.

Apple − Various

Russet variety (in our apple juice). The Egremont Russet had its origins in Sussex and was first cultivated on the Petworth House Estate of Lord Egremont in 1870. It has a distinctive “nutty” taste and a textured golden-brown skin that makes it unique among British apples. With its rich fruity taste it produces a creamy-sweet apple juice.

Jonagored Variety (in our apple juice). The Jonagored apple is a recent cultivar, originating from Belgium. It was developed by a local apple farmer, Jos Morren, who in 1980 noticed that the top branch of one of his Jonagold apple trees had started growing dark red apples. He decided to propagate the branch and a new award winning variety was born.

Worcester variety (in our rhubarb & apple pressé). The Worcester Pearmain variety is an early season sweet apple.  It was first cultivated in 1873 in Worcester by a local apple grower, Mr Hale.  It is distinctive by it’s bright red colour, white flesh and intense sweet, almost strawberry flavour.

Scrumptious variety (in our rhubard & apple pressé). The scrumptious apple variety is similar to the Worcester apple in appearance with its intense red skin.  It is also an early-mid season harvester with a white flesh and hint of strawberry taste.  It was introduced Hugh Ermen in 1980 and is bred from the Golden Delicious and Discovery varieties.