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Folkington’s was born. Why Folkington’s? Well the eureka moment came while walking the dog near Folkington, a tiny wee hamlet nestled in the South Downs, across the fields from where we live. Locally, it’s pronounced “Fo’ington” but others pronounce it with the “k” as in “folk” and some even the “lk” as in “polka”.

Gingerly, we launched the JUICES range in 2011 with just three flavours in nice little bottles. Five years on, and we’ve trippled the range to nine varieties in small bottles and added seven in large bottles. In 2016, we introduced our GARDEN range of four sparkling pressés in nice little cans. And in January 2017 we launched our new range of six ARTISAN MIXERS in mini-cans.

We always like to hear from our customers and anyone else interested in our juices so never feel shy to contact us to tell us what you think (good or bad) and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you are connected.

Paul Bendit – Company Founder


Folkington’s Natural Drinks

From Bottles to Cans

All our drinks are 100% natural and are made from wonderful pure juices (not from concentrated juice) and natural botanicals and are free from unnecessary artificial additives. Those blessed with a discerning palate as well as a keen eye say they taste as good as they look. And look as good as they taste.

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